Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf
Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf
Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf
Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf
Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf
Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf

Drifter Retracting Smoker Shelf

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Increase your cooking area with the retractable smoker shelf designed specifically for the Valkry Drifter Charcoal Grill & Smoker. Since the smoker shelf is higher than the grill grates the temperature will be around 20deg C hotter at the shelf level.

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The Drifter.

A Premium Portable Charcoal Grill.

Reverse Searing


Charcoal Grilling

Direct grilling over charcoal, steak burgers, chicken, fish for a bbq flavour that cannot be beaten.

Reverse Sear the

Perfect Steak

Cook steakhouse quality steaks using the reverse sear method of indirect cooking for internal doneness followed by direct cooking over charcoal for the perfect crust.

Low n Slow

Indirect cooking for smoking and slow cooking your favourite meats: Ribs, brisket, pork butt, render the fat and conective tissue for super tender tasty results.


Charcoal Tray

The revovable charcoal tray includes a charcoal divider and double walled snake method divider for up to 10 hours of Low n Slow cooking.


Gasket & Vents

The gasket sealed hood prevents air leaks giving you greater control of temps and airflow using the large air vents. The 4 air dampers can be closed down for Low n Slow cooking or opened up for higher temp cooking with increased airflow. By configuring the vents you can draw air in to feed the fire and allow the heat and smoke to pass over your food to exit through a vent on the opposite side much like an offset smoker.

Compatable with

Temp Controllers

Set your Valkry Drifter Smoker to autopilot with a compatabel PID thermostat contolled fan unit such as the Inkbird WIFI Temp Controller (other devices may be compatable). No need to micro manage your pit all day or you can set the controller to run over night with up 12hrs of continuous cooking. Hose inlet positioned at rear of grill.
(Fan not included with grill)

Stainless Steel

Grill Grates

3 sets of grill grates made from 6mm 304 stainless steel bars.


Ash Pan

Easily dispose of residual ash after a cook by removing the lift out ash pan which sits on the base of the grill below the charcoal tray.

Made in Australia

From 304 Stainless Steel

Also Available

Competition Proven


Only 4 cooks into the season, but Valkry grills are on top of the US standings!!! I hope to stay there!

Steve Noble

Tullahoma, Tennessee


The Valkry Rovers have done an amazing job. Being able to get a 1st and 3rd in their first ever BamaQ competition.

Brett Grey



About to give this Valkry bbq a run for its money. Hands down the best made bbq I have ever seen.

Jay Sheepy Becker



Absolutely the best grill I have ever used in my 3 years on the circuit!

Steve Noble

Tullahoma, Tennessee